We carry only the best in high quality and affordable audio solutions. We understand that budgets vary and it's our goal to give you an economical solution while giving you what you need.
Video is more in demand now than ever before and the technology that has evolved is amazing. Kyle Jennings is an expert in video systems with any budget large or small.
When it comes to lighting this is a highly specialized area. Get the right lighting and your home or business can flourish. Get the wrong kind of lighting and your dead in the water.
Protecting your family is top priority. Period. At Kyle Jennings Company we provide security systems that are state of the art and second to none. No detail is left untouched with our security.

Welcome to the HI TECH world of Kyle Jennings Company

When it comes to quality many people have found over the years it's a fleeting item. Meaning, more and more companies are going to cheaper and increasingly unreliable products. At Kyle Jennings Company we provide only the best in what we offer. We carry most of the brands you've come to know and trust such as: Sony, Panisonic, Yamaha & many more.

Our philosophy is a simple one. Provide the best for customers who expect the best.

Each and everyday we strive to provide the best products and the most affordable prices on the market today. Whether it's world class audio, video, or lighting we have you covered. And, when it comes to protecting your family we have a wide range of Honeywell Security Systems that ensure the protection you rightfully deserve.

Feel free to browse through our website and contact us with any questions you may have. At Kyle Jennings Company, we're here for you. It's what we do.