Have a Birds Eye View of Your Home and Property

Home Video Installation and Enhanced Security in Hot Springs, Benton & Little Rock, AR

Are you wishing you could see everything that goes on in and around your home , even when you're not there? Now you can with the help of Kyle Jennings Company in Hot Springs, Benton & Little Rock, Arkansas. Our skilled technicians can help you install a full home video surveillance security system to keep you and your family safe.

Interior video installation, as well as exterior video installation, can greatly impact how comfortable your feel in your own home. Our team can install interactive video surveillance to assist in ensuring your safety. We install high quality cameras and position them in a way to minimize blind spots.

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Utilize Home Security Cameras in These Top 5 Places

Overall protection and enhanced home security are important to you, but where should you be placing your new home video security cameras? At Kyle Jennings Company, your safety is important to us, as well as your overall satisfaction. We have put together five of the spots in and around your home that could be the most beneficial for your home video installation:.

The 5 best places to install your home video surveillance cameras are:

  • Doors: front, back, and side. Place exterior cameras above any of your doors to ensure optimal coverage. of burglars.
  • Driveways: place an exterior camera above your driveway to pick up on any suspicious behavior outside of your home.
  • Off-Street Windows: these may be more prone to attack, hence the importance of full surveillance focused in these areas.
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  • Common Areas: a burglar might be enticed to search for valuables in your common areas like living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • Stairways: if a burglar enters into your home from another source, like a balcony or basement, they could use your stairways to access your common areas.
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