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Upgrade Your Video and Audio Equipment

We offer home theater systems in Hot Springs, Benton, AR

Whether you own a home or business, Kyle Jennings Company has the equipment and experience to recommend home theater systems or audio video equipment for your space.

In homes, we offer home theater systems from top brands like Proficient, Sonos and Yamaha. We also offer distributed audio.

Call Kyle Jennings Company at 501-282-2201 today for more details about home theater systems in Hot Springs, Benton, AR.

home audio installation

3 reasons to call us for audio video installation

You need an audio video installation professional to tend to your security cameras and audio systems in your commercial space. Choose Kyle Jennings Company to:

  1. Install a PA system in your building
  2. Build a remote-controlled stage lighting system
  3. Add a video projection system to your warehouse


We offer audio video installation in the Hot Springs, Benton, AR area for a fair price. Call 501-282-2201 today to make an appointment.