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Protect Your Office From a Fire

Choose a fire alarm system pro in Hot Springs, Benton & Little Rock, AR

Fire spreads extremely quickly-that's why you need a fire alarm system that will sound as soon as smoke rises. Call Kyle Jennings Company for fire alarm installation in Hot Springs, Benton & Little Rock, AR. Install a Potter conventional or addressable fire alarm system.

We work in office buildings, hotels and warehouses. Call 501-282-2201 to make an appointment for a brand-new system.

3 reasons to get fire alarm installation services

You need fire alarm installation work in your office or other commercial building to:

  1. Keep your building up-to-code.
  2. Protect your customers and employees.
  3. Abide by general fire safety regulations.

We work with addressable and conventional systems to meet the needs of your space.

To get your fire alarm system in Hot Springs, Benton & Little Rock, AR, call Kyle Jennings Company at 501-282-2201 today.