Essential Guide to Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

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Emergencies don’t provide a warning beforehand, and as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is also important to remember that taking precautions is better than having to face a disaster.

When it comes to being alert and attentive every time a fire disaster strikes, you need to be well-equipped with a commercial fire alarm system. A fire alarm system is an important part of any commercial building as it allows for the safety and protection of employees, customers, and property whenever a fire breaks out. These commercial fire alarm systems are designed mainly to detect and control fire breakouts and protect people and property.

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The importance of a commercial fire alarm system

It can never be a bad idea to have a commercial fire alarm system in place, regardless of how big or small your company is. Any sort of fire breakout can cause severe damage to both people and expensive property, and overcoming such considerable losses might prove to be extremely difficult in the long run.

It is very important to have safety and security measures in place at all times to prevent such situations from occurring. If you’re looking for an appropriate fire alarm system for your business in and around the state of Arkansas, then the right commercial fire alarm system in Hot Springs, AR will be the one you must opt for.

Here are some of the reasons as to why every commercial setting must be equipped with a fire alarm system:

Early detection of the upcoming danger

Fire alarms possess the ability to identify dangers early, and this is perhaps their most important feature. Early detection of life-threatening hazards, like fire breakouts, can significantly alter the outcome and save hundreds of lives and many future expenses. Early detection enables the occupants to move to a safer location and avoid intense property damage.

If you have a monitored fire alarm system, which is also provided by the Hot Springs, AR commercial fire alarm installation services, then you can automatically send alerts to the fire departments of Arkansas so that the flames may be controlled as soon as possible.

Quicker response time

The early detection and monitoring features provided by the fire alarm systems ensure that the whole environment is kept safe and secured by providing quicker solutions to upcoming dangers.

These fire alarm systems are dedicated to protecting both human and animal lives, as well as saving properties from imminent damage. The fire department sends an alert immediately whenever a fire breakout is detected by the monitored fire alarm system, and the firefighters rush in to save lives. Commercial fire alarm installation near Hot Springs, AR can potentially save hundreds of lives and thousands of dollars if you have a business/commercial set-up in and around the city of Hot Springs, AR in Arkansas.

Prohibiting the intake of smoke

Inhaling smoke is one of the most common causes of human and animal deaths whenever there’s a fire breakout. Smoke inhalation occurs when individuals are unable to detect the fire breakout and flee in time.

In such circumstances, it is beneficial to have a monitored fire alarm system installed in your commercial set-up. Not only do they detect fires beforehand, but at the same time, they’re designed to send an alert to the fire stations so that the firefighters can be at the emergency scene as soon as possible.

If you have a large or small business set up in and around Hot Springs, AR, you should contact the Hot Springs, AR commercial fire alarm installation services to get a monitored fire alarm system installed today. This is how you can ensure the safety of all your employees, staff members, and other lives residing in that building from a dangerous fire outbreak.

Reduction in cost

Fire alarm systems might seem expensive at first, but when you consider their perks and all the life-saving qualities they provide, it’s quite easily understandable that the appropriate fire alarm system can prove to be an effective investment in the long run.

Whenever there’s a fire breakout, a functioning fire alarm system, and monitoring service can quickly assess the danger that’s lingering, and thanks to their quick response time, they can help protect your important assets from being destroyed in the fire.

A well-maintained fire alarm security system can also help you save loads of money on insurance premiums by lowering the rate of your insurance.

The above-mentioned points can also be considered as the Benefits of professional fire alarm installation for businesses in Arkansas if you’re living anywhere in and around the cities of Hot Springs, AR, Little Rock, Russellville, or Benton.

Fire Risk Assessment

In most places, the fire regulations are such that the responsibility of fire safety lies on the employer himself. The employer needs to carry out the legal duty of a fire risk assessment that helps to figure out various ways of reducing and removing the danger of fire. The fire risk assessment should be carried out if you, as an employer, hire more than five employees to work for your company.

The fire risk assessment template generally includes the following points-

  • Information about the site or establishment.
  • List of identified fire hazards within the premises of the site.
  • The occupants who are at risk inside the site.
  • The schedule for the next review of the fire risk assessment.
  • Validation of the report by the assigned safety official.

The fire risk assessment needs to be re-examined regularly. Rules and regulations regarding fire safety suggest that the above-mentioned items be included in the review-

  • Every 12 months after the initial assessment has been carried out.
  • Every five years, a brand new assessment is conducted.
  • If the purpose of the building has changed substantially.
  • If the structure of the building, such as its layout, has changed over the years.
  • If there has been a significant change in the occupants.

Different types of fire alarm systems

There are quite a few types of fire alarm systems. However, each of these types works on the same principle. When the detector senses smoke or heat, or if someone pushes the manual call point button, the alarm starts ringing, and the siren warns others inside the building about a possible fire and compels them to evacuate.

Let’s go over the most commonly used fire alarm systems:

Conventional fire alarm systems

In a typical fire alarm system, several call points and detectors are connected to the fire alarm control panel in a zone-like arrangement. A zone is generally a circuit that’s linked to one floor or one fire compartment at a time. The fire alarm control panel also comes with several zonal LEDs.

To understand where the fire has occurred, the accuracy is defined by the number of zones on the control panel and also by the number of circuits that have been connected within the structure.

The control panel is attached to two sounder circuits like bells or electronic sounders. These sounder circuits and the detection zones are connected in a star-like pattern. A device is usually attached at the end of each circuit for monitoring.

Addressable systems

The detection technique used in these systems is quite similar to that of the conventional fire alarm systems, the only difference being that the control panel knows which call point or detector has triggered the alarm.

The detection circuit is in the pattern of a loop, and nearly 99 devices can be linked to each of these loops. The addresses in each detector are regulated by DIL switches, which show up on the control panel when that particular detector is activated.

The sounder system comprises a minimum of two sounder circuits, just like in the conventional system.

If you’re looking to get such a fire alarm system installed in your commercial sector, you can opt for a commercial fire alarm installation near Little Rock, AR, if that’s where it’s required.

Analogue fire alarm systems

These fire alarm systems are often called “intelligent fire alarm systems.” There are different kinds of analog fire alarm systems available, based on the type of communication protocol that they use.

The control unit in these fire alarm systems is responsible for determining whether there’s a fire breakout or a fault or if it’s just the pre-alarm.

Generally, analog fire alarm systems are much more complicated but tend to offer a lot more features than conventional or addressable fire alarm systems. The main objective of this kind of fire alarm system is to minimize false alarms.

Also, a commercial fire alarm installation near Russellville, AR, is known to provide all three types of fire alarm security systems based on what you need as a consumer.

If you’re staying anywhere in Arkansas, for instance, in the city of Hot Springs, AR, what becomes essential is Choosing the right commercial fire alarm system in Hot Springs, AR.

Commercial fire alarm installation

A well-installed fire alarm system is just as important as the quality of the various components of the system itself. The commercial fire alarm installation near Benton, AR, is done with care and accuracy. Thanks to that, a lot of businesses are running without much headache when it comes to the security and safety of both their people and their property.

Fire alarms need to be installed in every section or on every floor of a commercial building.

When you’re required to determine the number and type of fire alarm that is to be installed, a few things should be kept in mind.

  • The size of your property

Depending on the size of your business, an appropriate fire alarm system needs to be put up. Single-office premises require less complex systems, whereas a larger multi-storied structure will require a more complex fire alarm system.

  • The complexity of the system

The type of business you run is extremely important in determining the type and complexity of the fire alarm system that you shall be requiring. Businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, chemical factories, and paint shops are at a higher risk of facing deadly fire breakouts. As a result, they need a more complex system to deal with the unforeseen danger.

Commercial fire alarm monitoring

When it comes to monitoring your entire business set-up, there are three steps you should know about the working of a fire alarm monitoring system.

These are:

  • The signal gets picked up by a monitoring station from your present location.
  • If a warning gets detected during the hours of active business, you are going to get a notification from the monitoring center regarding the genuineness of the warning.
  • If the warning gets sent to you during non-business hours, the monitoring center is immediately going to contact the fire department in and around the state of Arkansas, if that’s where your business is set up, to ensure a quick response.

A good fire alarm monitoring system’s advantages

Benefits of a good fire alarm monitoring system include:

  • Every hour of each day, your commercial set-up gets monitored by a team of experts and professionals.
  • Whenever a fire gets detected, potential business interruptions are amazingly minimized.
  • Rapid responses towards alarm activations are ensured without any failure.
  • Workers are less than likely to be harmed when they don’t respond on time to the fire activation alarms.
  • A professional, transparent, and trustworthy service is ensured.

What can happen if you fail to maintain your fire alarms to the required safety measures?

Here’s what can happen if you fail to maintain your fire alarms to the required safety measures:

  • Your insurance can get invalidated.
  • You might be forced to close your business.
  • Your reputation in the industry will get tarnished.
  • There might be unnecessary callouts to the fire brigade departments.
  • It can lead to long-term respiratory illness in employees who are exposed to smoke from the unwanted fire breakouts.


When it comes to the Benefits of professional fire alarm installation for businesses in Arkansas, there are quite as mentioned. From timely alerts being sent to the monitoring team and quick responses arranged by the fire department to save the lives of hundreds of innocent people, the fire alarm security system can easily protect your entire business from being ruined within a matter of minutes.

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You can contact us at Kyle Jennings Company if you’re looking to get fire alarm systems installed in your commercial sector, and that too by professionals who have been in this line for years. We promise to provide you with hassle-free and user-friendly services at all times. So, contact us today if you wish to protect your people and property from a deadly fire breakout!

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