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When you plan to install outdoor home security cameras, the first thing that you must evaluate is the extent of your property and the coverage that you need. Based on these two factors, you can decide how many security cameras you must install. The average size of backyards in the USA is 6000 square feet which four outdoor security cameras can cover. However, if your backyard measures nearly 10,000 square feet, you must install six security cameras for better coverage. Here is all that you need to know about outdoor security cameras.

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How to evaluate the number of cameras that you need for your property?

One of the simplest ways to evaluate the number of cameras you must install on your property would be based on the size and the type of your property. If you live in a typical suburban house, you will need a camera that gives you a clear view from your front door to your porch. You can also install a camera to monitor the driveway and the garage. In other words, you can protect a typical suburban house with two front and two back cameras.

Similarly, if you live in a townhouse or condo with less open space, you can reduce the number of security cameras. According to experts associated with a security camera company near Russellville, AR, in a townhouse or a condo, you can install 1 or 2 security cameras to give you a clear view of the open area in front of the house. You can install a second camera if you have space behind your townhouse.

If you live in a large house with extensive property surrounding the main house, you must think of installing several cameras to give you a clear idea of all parts of your property. A large house will have a patio, front entrance, side entrance, driveway, front and backyard, lawn, and a swimming pool. All of these must be monitored with the help of security cameras. Here you will need nearly 3 to 5 security cameras one for each location that will give you a clear view of all parts of your property.

Where should security cameras be placed in a house?

While evaluating the number of outdoor security cameras, you must install for the safety of your house, selecting the best locations for their installation is also important. The sites should be strategic so that the cameras are not easily visible to the people outside but can easily record the activities. Some of the factors that you should consider while installing security cameras outside your house are as follows:

  • Securing all entry points: This is the first step you must remember while installing an outdoor security camera. The standard entry points to your home are the main and the back door. Some homes also have entrance points from the basement and the garage. Hence, when you hire a security camera company near Little Rock, AR, the first thing you must discuss with the experts is the accessibility to your home. They will evaluate the several entry points to your home and ensure that suitable security cameras cover these. This is necessary so that you can monitor what is going on outside these entrance points.
  • Securing the windows in your home: When installing cameras, it is vital to ensure that the CCTV cameras also cover the windows. The primary reason is that French and bay windows are big enough to act as access points for burglars. Statistics show home invasions are often carried out if the windows are left unmonitored. Thieves and burglars can easily break into your home through a large ground-floor French window. Hence, while installing security cameras outside your house, ensure these cover the windows on your ground floor.
  • Driveways leading to additional entry points: The driveway to your home usually leads to your garage. Now in most homes, the garage is secure because you have a door that has a mechanical locking system. However, it is best to cover your home’s driveway with outdoor cameras. If you have a large house with multiple driveways, you have multiple entry and exit points to your home; hence, all of these should be covered with the help of security cameras.

Thus, selecting suitable locations to install outdoor cameras is essential to deter criminals from entering your home. According to associates of a security camera company near Russellville, AR, installing security cameras can prevent burglars from entering a property. They do not like to be recorded as it can become evidence in the hands of the police, making it easier for them to track down the perpetrators of the crime. Moreover, when you install cameras outside your home, it means you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your home. This makes robbing or vandalizing your home even more difficult. This, too, will act as a deterrent to home invaders, and you can protect your house.

How far apart should security cameras be?

When placing the security cameras outside your home, you must consider the locations and how far apart these are. The distance between the security cameras will depend on the focal length of the camera lens and their respective resolutions. The rule of thumb is that the distance between two security cameras should be at least 40 feet. This will give you better coverage of the area.

Say, for instance, you are installing cameras outside your front door and want the cameras to cover the driveway, garage, and front yard. Strategic placement and suitable distance between the cameras are paramount in such a situation.

When placing the cameras, you must check the focal lengths and then the distance between the two cameras. If the focal length of the lens of the two cameras you want to place is 4.0, then the distance between the cameras should be 40 feet. After that, you must choose suitable locations for the two cameras to give you a clean sweep of the front yard and the front door of your house.

Finally, you must check the resolution of the cameras. This will give you an idea of the clarity of the images that you can expect. It is best to get HD cameras as these will provide better pictures, and you can identify the objects. Moreover, you will find that HD camera can be placed further apart, which will not affect the image generated by the cameras. The 4K HD cameras can produce vivid details and be set further apart. You will find that the cameras also effectively record evidence of a home invasion, even from a distance.

When looking for security camera installation for your home, it is best to optimize the distance between the two cameras based on the images generated by the devices. If you feel that the images developed by the cameras are better if these are brought closer, you can reduce the space between the two cameras. Otherwise, you can always work based on the thumb rule that the minimum distance between two cameras should be 40 feet.

Is there any pattern in which you must place the cameras?

The answer to this question is yes; the cameras must be placed in suitable positions so that the entire property outside your house is completely covered with CCTV cameras. It might seem unusual because if you are placing several cameras outside your home, it naturally covers the outdoors. But there will be blind spots that the cameras will not cover unless you place these strategically. These are some of the commonly known positionings of outdoor house cameras.

  • Mid-wall mounting pattern: If you are mounting the camera on a wall, then it is best to choose a position on the wall where the camera gives you a complete 180-degree view. Such a camera usually has a 2.8mm to 3.6 mm lens. Now such a camera can provide an image up to 40 feet without distorting it. If you have a reasonably small front yard and want to place a single camera on the front wall of your house, you can choose to install one such camera. If you put two cameras 40 feet apart, you will get a complete view of the entire front yard and the driveway. Thus, the mid-wall mounting pattern will depend on the type of camera lens that you select.
  • Back-to-back pattern: Now, if you do not want to have any distance between the two cameras and want to eliminate any chance of a blind spot, you can mount the security cameras back-to-back. However, it would help if you remembered that it is suitable only for quite extensive properties. According to experts associated with a security camera company near Benton, AR, you will find that a back-to-back pattern is best when you want to cover the side areas of your home. Say, for instance, you have a significant amount of property that encircles your home, and you also want to keep an eye on these parts of the property. Here you can use a back-to-back pattern to get a complete 180-degree view of all parts of your property. You must choose suitable locations on your property where you can install cameras in such a pattern so that CCTV cameras cover the exterior of your property and there are no blind spots.
  • Secret service pattern: This is often the preferred pattern of homeowners, allowing you to install the cameras 15 to 40 feet apart. Here you will find that the cameras are installed opposing each other. This way, the cameras can watch each other’s back and not miss out on a single image! If you worry about a bling spot when the cameras face the same direction in case of a back-to-back pattern, you can eliminate this with the secret service pattern. You can use this pattern with both fixed and zoom lens cameras. You will find that resolution of such cameras is also excellent as these give you a complete 180-degree view of your home’s front and back yard. If you install the cameras in the secret service pattern in the front yard, you will get a clear view of your garden and your driveway with just two cameras. Similarly, if you install two cameras in a similar pattern on the back wall of your house, you will get a clear view of your entire backyard. Thus, you can cover the whole external property of your home with 4 to 5 cameras if you install these in the secret service pattern keeping these 15 to 40 feet apart.

Thus, selecting the number of cameras and their locations and choosing the correct pattern for their installation is also essential. This can make it easier for you to monitor your property and identify the blind spots of a camera’s range. What you will find is that in most patterns, there is always a blind spot or an area that is not covered by the camera.

You can evaluate how best to cover these blind spots to prevent burglars from exploiting them. One of the ways would be to install multiple cameras with different patterns so that the blind spots are covered and the entire property is within the range of CCTV cameras. It is best to consult experts with a security camera company near Hot Springs, AR, to identify your home’s ideal pattern, location, and several security cameras. This will also ensure that your property gets the maximum security and is safe from home invasions.

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